Recovery Program‍‍‍‍‍‍

A 4-Phas‍‍‍e Program...‍‍‍

The Recovery Program is a 4-phase program designed to help men addicted to drugs and/or alcohol escape those addictions through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is our aim to assist these men in being transformed into successful, recovered, productive members of the community. The curriculum for the Recovery Program includes Bible studies, addiction recovery classes, and one-on-one meetings with a certified counselor.  Guests are also aided in developing their resumes and preparing for interviews as they enter the later phases of the program.  Literacy classes as well as GED preparation and testing are also available if needed. Oliver Gospel Mission is focused on a recovery relevant, biblically-based program to help facilitate life transformation.  The ultimate aim is to see the participants find jobs that enable them to find a stable place to live and lead self-sustaining, responsible lives. A man is only considered a graduate of the Recovery Program when he has:

Completed all phases of the program.

Obtained employment enabling him to be financially independent.

Obtained stable living arrangements which can be sustained.

Is actively saving money.

Become involved in a healthy local church.

An aftercare program is offered to willing participants who have completed the Recovery Program. A staff person connects with the men on a regular basis for encouragement and to continue the education process as they face life’s daily trials. For more information or to apply for the Recovery Program, visit Oliver Gospel Mission at 1100 Taylor Street in downtown Columbia or call the Front Desk at 803.254.6470 ext. 1007.

The mission of Oliver Gospel Mission is to see that the broken and homeless are sheltered, given the gospel of Jesus Christ, and equipped to live responsibly. (Matthew 28:19-20, Romans 12:1-2)


1100 Taylor St‍‍‍. Columbia, SC 29201

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